Virtues, Virility, and Ministry

The Virtues: Philosophical and Theological In the classical world, there were four recognized virtues: Wisdom, Courage, Temperance, and Justice. These were known as the pagan or philosophical virtues. They were classified and analyzed by Greek and Roman philosophers beginning with Plato. Plato’s schematic for understanding these virtues and their relation to each other was a […]

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Book Review: Theological English

In Pierce Taylor-Hibbs’ and Megan Reiley’s work, published two years ago (August 2018), the authors make a worthy attempt to aid non-native English speakers in grasping the complexities and nuances of theological English. English, like Greek in the Apostolic Age and Latin in the Medieval Age, is the lingua franca of the Modern Age. It […]

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Church and State

The State of Virginia has been convulsed over the proposed legislation contemplated by Gov. Ralph Northam which promises to severely restrict gun ownership. Recently, many jurisdictions in Virginia have declared themselves to be second amendment sanctuaries, effectively interposing as lesser magistrates against the abuse of a higher magistrate. The City of Lynchburg held a public […]

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