Calvinist Ruminant

God, Man, and the Hierarchy


The evils of today all stem from the same root.  Equality, Equity, Equivalent, Equal.  All of these words stem from the Latin aequus meaning “level or even.”  Translation, flat.  It is the great flattening of the modern world that has produced the evils of today.

Under this revolutionary theory, the hierarchy of nature is denied through a misuse of reason.  Denying the hierarchy of nature is, in turn, a denial of the God of Nature who created the world hierarchically.  “For Adam was formed first, then Eve” (1 Timothy 2:13).  At the first, when God made Man, He made him in order, in sequence, in a hierarchy.  Adam was made first and was hence the head of the woman (1 Corinthians 11:3). 

This hierarchy is expressed in other relations as well.  Parents are always above children in age and ought to be so in wisdom.  Teachers are above students in knowledge and ought to be so in virtue.  Kings are above the people in virtue and ought to be so in decision.  Priests are above their flocks in faith, hope, and love and ought to be in sacrifice.  In every human relation, along every fiber of human society, running in step with each warp of the human tapestry we find the woof of hierarchy. 

Hierarchy is the mutual relation of superiors, inferiors, and equals within the created order.  The evils of this day arise from a denial of the first two categories in an attempt to put everyone into the third category of “equal.”  It is an attempt to level society, to make society even.  To flatten. To topple kings.  To eject priests.  To hinder parents.  To shout down teachers.  To neuter men.

Yet, God the Creator cannot be resisted.  Nature, as it came from His hand and is yet sustained by His wisdom and power, cannot be ignored.  It is natural for men to organize hierarchically.  It is God’s will that men organize hierarchically.  The source of our woes is not in the hierarchy of superior, inferior, and equal.  It is sin, a flat note marring the harmony of creation and redemption. 

When Eve was first tempted by the Serpent, there was an upheaval of the hierarchy.  The substance of the temptation was to disobey God’s command.  The form which that temptation took was a subtle appeal to circumvent the hierarchy.  The goal of the temptation was to completely undo the hierarchy.  The Serpent’s tactic was not to go to the man, the head and protector of the woman, but to the woman, the body and helper of the man.  By tempting them to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil; by going to the woman instead of the man; by holding out to them that they would be as God, knowing good and evil for themselves, Satan’s object was the complete overturning of the hierarchy of creation as ordained by God. Satan’s goal and method thus perfectly correspond to each other.  He desired man to usurp God’s place in the created order and he persuaded him to do so by enticing woman to usurp her place in the created order.

This is the goal and method we see playing out today in 2021.  The sinful goal of an unbelieving society is to take God’s place in the hierarchy.  The sinful method employed by a sinful society to accomplish this goal is to undercut and overthrow the hierarchy among men.  Drag Queen story hour appeals to children by dodging their fathers.  Preachers with pathos and no substance appeal to weak minded women who then press their husbands to take some action (2 Timpthy 3:6).  The Philistines appealed to Delilah when they couldn’t conquer Samson.   Abuse narratives appeal to emotion based upon shocking tales of woe instead of presenting evidence to the rational judgement.  Journalists foment the wrath of the mob rather than presenting a case to the magistrates to adjudicate.  The public-school attempts to gain control of all the children undermining parental authority over their children.  There are many other such examples.  And in each of these examples we find a hierarchical relation of superior and inferior or equal which was instituted by God.  Fathers over children (Ephesians 6:1), Husbands over wives (Ephesians 5:22), Evidence and investigation over emotion and rashness (Proverbs 18:17), Parents over children (Deuteronomy 6:7).  And in each we see the leveling impulse to remove or circumvent that hierarchical relation.    

What then is a Christian man to do?  Return to your place.  Honor your station by a righteous carriage.  Do your duty toward those under you, honor those who are rightly above you, and encourage those who are your equals indeed.  At this day, the need of the hour is not more argumentation.  For all that can be said has been said about the things that matter.  What is needed now is men who will stand in the hierarchy and order their lives according to their place within it.

The Revolution will not stop at masks. It will not stop at vaccines.  It will not stop at telling churches if they can meet.  It will not stop until God Himself is taken from the throne.  For, you see, the impulse of egalitarianism is a serpentine impulse.  It was sired by the Serpent in the Garden and has grown and developed to the level of maturity we see before us.  From the Serpent’s egg, a serpent only can come. 

However, God cannot be dethroned.  As Creator none can resist His power; as Redeemer none can resist his grace; as Returning King none will stand before His throne save those who submit to His Lordship.  And thus, Christian man, you have hope.  Hope that not all is lost.  Hope that, though buried under two hundred years of Revolutionary thought and application, the hierarchy persists because the head of that hierarchy, God Almighty, the Most High, still reigns.  Hope that the night is darkest before the dawn. 

The frame of creation’s house remains.  Christ the master builder is repairing the structure through the Gospel.  And will reward His faithful servants who know their place and serve where He has placed them.  “Well done good and faithful servant,” He will say to all His who have learned that God reigns and all must submit to Him.  Submit therefore and embrace your place in the hierarchy of God and man.